Summer Finale Music & Art

Day – Saturday, September 23, 2017 10am – 4pm (Rain date Sunday September 24)

Place – Town Common, Londonderry, NH

The Londonderry Arts Council presents a one-day, free-admission, event that celebrates creativity and craftsmanship both visually and musically.

Fine artists and artisans and acoustic musical acts will entertain attendees. Activities will include children’s fun. The event will take place on the spacious, green lawns of the Town Commons in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Musicians will perform all day on the stage. Artist tents and vendor tables will be clustered throughout the property, offering artwork, fine crafts, food, and information of local interest. We have invited food trucks and other food sellers to participate.

Event planners foresee this becoming a “Signature Event” for Londonderry and the Region. Summer Finale has a different and broader focus than the traditional Town Old Home Day. During the last weekend of summer, we will be filling a gap here in central Southern New Hampshire to recognize and appreciate fine artists, artisans, and musicians.

Show Date & Time: Saturday September 23, 2017 (Rain date: Sunday September 24) 10 am – 4 pm
Location: Outdoors at the Town Common on the corner of Mammoth & Pillsbury Roads in Londonderry, NH
Food vendors, artists, artisans, and select non-profit vendors as well as sponsor’s tables will be intermixed throughout the property. Free nearby parking for all.

Music: Acoustic musicians (with the aid of sound equipment) will play the entire day on the stage. This location is perfect for attendees to bring a chair and stay for an hour or for the day. Note: This is not an open-mic event.

Promotion of Artists/Artisans: All artists & artisans will receive a FREE listing in the full-color program to be distributed to visitors, participants, and local businesses. You may also purchase a larger display ad in this program. This program image will be featured on the Arts Council Facebook Page and will remain on our web site for the year following Summer Finale.

All artists and artisans new to this event must be juried.

Eligibility: Vendors must be 18 years of age and accepted by the jury.


Open Call for Art – We are seeking true artisans.
2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Original Art
The artist MUST display and offer original works for sale in his or her space.
Reproductions clearly marked as such (including cards) may be displayed in your space.


Submit to after mailing your Application.
We must have your Application in-hand prior to reviewing your submissions.
Mark “Jury Submissions” in your Subject Line

• Artists new to this show must submit three clearly viewable images that are representative of the original work to be displayed.
• New artists must also submit at least one image of their display booth or table.
• Acceptance into the show is dependent upon the quality of the artwork and upon the appearance of the display.
• Submissions in JPEG format are preferred. File formats that cannot be opened will not qualify.
• Please submit a link to the artist’s own website.
• All decisions of the jurists are final with no explanation of acceptance or rejection provided.
• A signed application and payment must be received prior to review of jury submissions.
• The LAC will refund the registration fees of those who are not accepted by the jury. (All other fees are non-refundable.)
• Mail hard copy submissions with Application but clearly print “Hard copy jury” on the lower left corner of the envelope. Artists submitting hard copy photos they wish returned must also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Materials will be discarded and not returned without this
postage-paid envelope.



SPONSOR’S CHOICE COMPETITION (another sales opportunity)
Some Sponsors pre-pay to purchase a work of art from the show. Artists will be provided with stickers to designate the works they agree to sell for $400 as a Sponsor’s Choice. Sponsors will browse the artists’ stands before 11:30 am. Artworks marked with the Sponsor’s Choice stickers should not be offered for sale to the general public until after 11:30 a.m. Each Sponsor’s Choice selection designated by the artist should be a $400 value. This may be one $400 work or a combination of smaller works totaling $400 in value. When the sponsor makes a selection, the artist must mark that work as “SOLD”. Sponsors will identify to the Event Chair the artists whose works have been chosen. The names and site numbers of artists chosen as Sponsor’s Choice winners will be announced around noon. If a sponsor selects the work you have designated, you must sell it to the sponsor for $400.00. Checks will be mailed to you by the Town of Londonderry within 30 days. Your signature on the application indicates your understanding of this and your willingness to participate in the Summer Finale Sponsor’s Choice Competition as we have described it.

Jury/Application Postmark Deadline: August 19, 2017
Space Fees: (No tables, tents, display racks, or electricity will be provided.)

Tent Space 10’x10’ space – $65 No more than two artists may share a tent space but EACH must pay the $65 fee and they MUST send their individual Applications in the same envelope.
Table Space 10’ wide by 5’ deep – $40 No sharing of table spaces.

All tents must be weighed down on each leg by at least 25 lbs. This must be attached to the canopy frame, not the legs. Vendors who fail to properly secure their canopies will not be permitted to set-up or may be required to take down canopies without proper weights. There are many weight options including cinder blocks and PVC tubes filled with cement. It is easy to find solutions with a simple Internet search.

Checks Payable to: Town of Londonderry
Mail Application to:
Summer Finale, c/o Kirby Wade, Town Manager’s Office, 268B Mammoth Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053
Your Event Chair: Susan E. Hanna, 603-582-4777
Any questions or to receive an application, please email: